I fall in love with every family and model I work with...


Nice to meet you! My name is Milana Marchuk. I am the creator of PhotoFox M and I appreciate that you chose me. 

I was lucky to take pictures and study photography in different parts of the world - from Europe to the Middle East. Now I live in NB, Canada. I want to provide and present here all the best that I know from different cultures and places. I have a lot of experience in different kinds of photography. And I never stop to learn more.

I fall in love with every family and model I work with and feel happy when my clients share with me the most important and the happiest moments in their lives - engagement, wedding, pregnancy, childbirth, family holidays, or business stuff... It helps me to be really your family photographer, the person who is so close to you as your family doctor or lawyer.
Now I'm just looking forward to meeting you in person!


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